Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque

We all talk about the luxury of Dubai but not many know about Abu Dhabi and its richness. Let me begin with some interesting facts that might interest you. Did you know that Dubai is not the richest Arab nation but it is Abu Dhabi? Did you know that worlds tallest building Burj Khalifa is named after the king of Abu Dhabi & President Of UAE – Sheik Khalifa bin Zayed al-Nahayan? To me Abu Dhabi is clearly an untold story of luxury that world should know. And one such story is the Sheikh Zayad Grand Mosque located in Abu Dhabi the capital of UAE.

It is the largest mosque in UAE and key place for Friday gathering and Eid prayers. It can accommodate almost 40,000 people at a time. What you should not miss to witness is the worlds largest carpet and worlds third largest chandelier with millions of Swarovski crystals. The mosque with its white marbles in sunlight is nothing less than a wonder and a treat for photographers. The waterbodies along the arcades reflect the mosque’s spectacular columns, which becomes even more glorious at night. If you are planning your trip to Dubai or Abu Dhabi then don’t miss a visit to Sheikh Zayed Mosque.

We made a visit to this beautiful place during our trip to Dubai. We drove early morning from Dubai and it took us less than 2 hours to reach Abu Dhabi. The first impression when I was entering this place was wow! The magnificent white structure shines from even a distance. The mosque seems to attract tourists from all parts of the world. As a stringent rule, the mosque expects women to cover themselves entirely before entering the place. If otherwise the security guard might stop you at the entrance itself. Whats most important is to cover your head. So, to all the ladies don’t forget to carry your scarf or stole when visiting the mosque.



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