My Top 3 Moisturizers

Moisturizers are an absolute necessity, specially for people with dry skin. It is important to take care of your skin all round the year, but it becomes more essential to do it specially with winter season being around. Dry skin woes are a nightmare for any individual. It impacts the health of your skin and makes it look flaky and dull. Hence, giving your skin the nourishment it deserves should be the utmost priority for people with such problems.

Most of us struggle to find out and understand our skin type. I did too, for a very long time. The most preferred option however, can be to visit a dermatologist but with experience I have realized that my skin always does not behave as my declared skin type. Hence, understand your skin and use products accordingly. What suits my skin and skin type might not always work well for you. So, the best way is to give it try, only then you will realize what suits you the best.

It is also important to ensure that your moisturizer has some these basic ingredients specially if you suffer from dry skin issues- hyaluronic acid, glycerin, butters or oils, salicylic acid, antioxdidants, stearic acid. This list is not inclusive of all ingredients, however I have given suggested examples.

I cannot emphasize the importance of the moisturizer for everyone, since there used to be a time I could not step out of the house without a base, since my skin was rough and patchy. Irrespective of the moisturizer you end up using or you already use, just ensure regularity for the health of your skin.

#1 Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion

This is my all time favorite. A facial moisturizer specially for dry and dry- combination skin types. It is non sticky and does not make your face oily or greasy. It can also be used to calm your skin and help with any irritation problems. It is light weight and does not happen a strong smell ( for those who do not like much fragrance). It is a classic moisturizer and can be used all round the year by people with dry skin. I also love the Clinique Moisture Surge which is suited for all skin types and serves as a good base or a moisturizer in all types of weather.

#2 Dior Hydra Life

You can literally rely on this product blindly. It is addictive, once you start using this, it will be very difficult for you to give up (and why should you). The ultra fresh gel texture nurtures and nourishes the skin making it look more plumped. It feels so light and refreshing. I love it because it gets absorbed in the skin like a dream. I love it fragrance too. You can apply to prep your face before makeup or on top of your night cream, it can work multiple ways. It is also sulphate and paraben free, which in simple terms means it does not harm to your skin.

#3 Avene Rich Compensating Cream

If you prefer creams in slightly creamy textures, this is your go to. The texture is unlike the above two since it is not gel based. The product comes in a small jar with a little applicator. I find the applicator handy as it keeps the cream sanitary also reminds me to only apply a little bit. It is well suited for sensitive skin too.

Please feel free on drop in your comments if you are looking for suggestions or details.

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