Feeling Printastic

The weather in Delhi is becoming unbearably hot and I just want to wear outfits that allow me to breathe. I don’t feel like putting on the most lovely looking outfit if its anywhere fitted or the material is not soft on the skin. The only ones that I can think of wearing while heading out are the likes of Cotton, Linen, Chiffon. With the heat getting onto us and making us exhausted, I guess its very important to feel good and comfortable in the clothes you are wearing (while still not forgetting to look classy). Accidentally, while doing window shopping I spotted this dress in one of the Ritu Kumar stores. I actually had gone to purchase something else that I’ve been looking for since a while but instead came back with this dress since I just couldn’t afford to miss it.

I love this dress primarily because of its color and its print. The red and orange tones in the dress are just enough to brighten up your mood. I’ve never been a big fan of red as a color. Mainly because I thought it doesn’t suit me much. I m sure all of us have such preconceived notions on what looks nice on us and what not. But lately I’ve quite started loving it. From clothes to scarfs to lip shades I’m always on the lookout for shades of red.

One of the other pros is the perfect length of the dress that I feel makes it different than the other long dresses. It fits me just right till the ankle giving me room to walk comfortably. Unlike most maxi dresses where you have to lift it slightly to be able to walk comfortably. The slight pleates in the centre of the dress gives the body a sleeker chic look.

I have a very strong affinity for maxi dresses I must say. I get very attracted towards any kind of long dresses- straight, slits, flares, almost anything. I love how simple yet vibrant this dress is with the beautiful print on it which gives makes it all the more catchy.

So if you are feeling printatstic, grab the many retro prints trends has to offer from classic polka dots to windowpane checks and give your clothes a new definition all together.

Finally, after a long long wait I finally get to complete this post. Things have quite hectic lately at work so just couldn’t find the time to finish it. Do leave in your comments if you love the look.

On Me:

Dress: Label Ritu Kumar
Shoes: Dressbery (Myntra)
Belt: Local boutique
Earrings: Street shopping



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