Miracle Garden, Dubai

“Miracle Garden” as the name suggests is quite a miraculous place to see. Situated in the middle of a desert-like place with over 100m flowers, the place seems like a wonderland. While Dubai is mostly known for its high-tech buildings and modern landscapes, the Miracle Garden adds a softer feel to the city.

Inspired by animated movies and cartoons, as a kid I’ve always dreamt of living in a house of flowers with beautiful streets around, getting to take a stroll in a park with snowy fountains and turquoise water bodies. When I entered this place, it felt like I’m living my childhood dream. Everything around was so fresh, pretty, colorful and surreal.

The place is mostly filled with visitors all the time. But, the best time to visit the place would be in the morning since Dubai can get really warn in the afternoon even in months of December and January.

The garden also have some cafes and ice cream joints. So, if you want to spend your day enjoying the beauty of the place, you can survive well inside.

Do include this in your bucket list during your trip to Dubai and let me know your experiences.

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