Monkey Forest, Ubud

If you are planning to travel to Bali and searching for places to see in there, Monkey Forest will crop up multiple times during your search. Something similar happened with me too. I was suggested by a couple of my friends who had already visited Bali to check out Monkey Forest during my stay there. One of the days when we were covering places in and around Ubud, our driver took us to this place. It is situated right in the middle of Ubud, very close to the Ubud market and the Ubud Palace. You have to pay an entry fee to enter the forest, which is close to IDR 40000 per person. Actually, most of the tourist attractions in Bali charge an entry fee. There are multiple entries to the forest due to its large area, you can enter from any of the gates. The place gives a feel of a tropical forest created right in the middle of the city. Visiting it on a hot sunny day can turn out to be a little disadvantage, since it just takes all the energy out of you. The place is entirely open, with sun shinning bright right over your head. It is very well maintained, with proper pavements created for tourists. Unlike most of the other tourist forest like places I have seen, this scored the most in terms of its cleanliness too. There are quite a few things to see inside, for which there are proper sign boards with directions mentioned inside the forest. There are a lot of Monkeys inside the forest. While I was scared initially, thinking they might just take things away, or snatch your bag etc. Nothing like this happened. I should say the monkeys were very well behaved. They did not bother any of the tourists. I also saw some tourists feeding bananas to them and they accepted it very nicely. Overall, the place is good to drop by to take a walk across the forest.

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