New Year Resolutions are Passe

As the New Year starts or is nearing its time, all we hear in social media is why is it important to set resolutions, what resolutions should one set or in most cases a list of resolutions that people have in their minds to be achieved this year. So while you are reading this, I’m sure your list is also echoing in your mind: lose weight, get married, earn more money and so on. Many times you end up doing this without knowing and acknowledging what you really want.

As a child, even I was carried away with the thought, and if not physically written, I used to mentally chalk out the list of things I wanted to achieve in the coming year. As I used to do this task, I realized that most the items I had in my list were a repetition of what I had the previous year. Since the truth is, by the first few days of the year, we almost have forgotten about it. Every year having somewhat the items as goals set in your list gives a sense of dissatisfaction, a feeling of incapability of not being able to achieve what you wanted. And if you force yourself to feel this way year on year, you might be reaching a zone where all you are left is pity and remorse for yourself.

So, this year I decided to propose something different. I am sure the goal setting preachers will hate me for it, but let’s try to see a different perspective to the hyped word “NEW YEAR RESOLUTIONS”

Rather than rushing yourself into setting resolutions or a list of goals you can start on the first day of the year, enter the year with a fresh positive mind of how fantastic your journey has been the past one year. Show a sense of gratitude towards all the things, big or small, you have achieved or completed. Be thankful of the present and how rocking this year is going to be.

If you do this and endeavor to maintain this approach, you will end up doing everything you are supposed to do. I believe entering the year with absolutely no pressure on your back makes you strong and open to the possibility of your potential. You become ready to show compassion to yourself for your short comings.

Out of the state of being will arise all the doing and achievements you never hoped to achieve or planned for. There is no point in setting the same resolutions you have been settings for years only to feel disappointed and down on yourself.

Remember what Albert Einstein once said

“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”

Hence start your year on a clean slate and let life take its course. You can’t take control of all things happening in your life neither can you predict what happens in the time to come. Hence, enter the new year on a positive node to move forward and be contented with who you are.


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