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Having a busy day? Either planned ahead or current going? Well the reason I ask is that often I find myself answering to such questions as always a “Yes”. Either work or otherwise, this is the most obvious and convenient answer for most of us. One, it reflects that you are a hardworking person and two, gives you some sense of pride that you are important. We keep cribbing about the work we have at our office, or at home or life in general. We like to make ourselves believe that are a victim to the time which is running past.
Now you might be thinking what got me to write a post on such a topic. The last weekend when I was sitting idle and didn’t had much on my plate, it got me to realize the importance of being occupied. There is vast difference between being busy and being occupied. I wouldn’t prefer the first since it can be taxing. But I’ve learnt to realize that the latter is very important. We keep sulking for some free time. But what does one do when you are absolutely free. You tend to either waste it in non productive, unimportant activities or either spend it sticking to your screen- either phone or TV. However, I don’t disagree to the fact that you need some ME time. The idea is to have some motivation and something to look forward to at any point in time. It keeps you engaged, it keeps you excited of whats coming next and also gives you a purpose. As much as I crib about managing my professional life as well as personal(most importantly blogging), I like the fact that I already have things planned of what I need to do next. I understand it can get very exhausting as times,for people sailing in two boats at the same time. But there are advantages too. Hence, we all should make sometime to do things we love, things we believe we will be good at instead of letting it pass by empty. For a very long time, I kept contemplating whether to start a blog or not. But now that I have, I feel I have a new found purpose in life. Even if my day at office goes suck-y, I have something to refresh my mind with.
The intention of this post is not to offend someone or someone’s thinking, but to motivate people to pursue their interest areas/hobbies other than their professional duties. I personally believe that it leads to a sense of satisfaction and also lets you gain some expertise/knowledge in a certain area. For all you know, your hobbies might end up being your career choices at later point in time.

Hope you guys like the post. Do leave in your comments below with your views.

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