Work Wear Edit #1

This post is dedicated to all those people who feel that work wear only means a mix of greys, whites and blacks. I wanted to give work wear a little fun and quirky twist, hence this is my attempt of coming up with one.

Being a management consultant, we are told a thousand times the importance of dressing up well, since we are regularly expected to be interacting with our clients, seeing them or literally stationed at their office for months. I cant deny the fact, that dressing well forms an important aspect of anyone’s work life. But that doesn’t mean that you have to stick to stipulated forms and shades of dressing formally.

I mostly rely on mixing and contrasting colors to come up with something new when I have literally nothing new to wear at work. In this look I have paired my usual white blazer and black sweater with dark blue trousers to contrast the overall look. To keep it simple, I accessorized it with a black sleek file wallet and mid length heels.

Let me know whats your work style mantra.


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